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Integrated Management System Policies

MST Maritime Management, is a shipping agency which provides provisions and logistics services. MST is located in Panama one of the most important geographical points for traffic and maritime trade and worldwide, because the Panama Canal.

It is our objective to guarantee the “full connection” of our clients, from the high seas, with the mainland and cover all your requirements, needs and expectations seeking your satisfaction.

We have the experience of more than 10 years in the field, with competent and committed personnel and with an integrated management system that encourages quality culture, as well as environmental care, safety and the health of our workers and collaborators

That is why we commit ourselves to:

  • Fulfill all the legal requirements associated with the item and the place where we carry out our activities, like other requirements acquired with our clients and interested parties.
  • Implement and maintain tools to eliminate hazards and reduce safety risks and health of our workers in labor, administrative, provisioning and logistic services for boats, promoting the consultation and participation of workers.
  • Protect the environment and minimize pollution in the development of our activities.
  • Practice continuous improvement in our processes strengthening our logistics operations and administrative in our integrated management system.