Valves, Pipes, hoses and Boiler Repair and maintenance.

• Repair and maintenance for control and safety valves.
• Pressure tests Pipes, Boilers, Cooling Systems, Technical Assistance, and all related aspects.
• Hydraulic Hose Supply and Installation on demand

Steel and Structures

• General flat and structural steel construction and repair
• Design and manufacture of metal products
• Welding (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Bronze)
• Preparation and installation of pipes for fluids.
• Preparation of metallic surfaces and painting.

HVAC Systems

• Assembly, repair, and maintenance of refrigeration systems.
• Failure analysis.

Mechanical protection and thermal Insulation

• Assembly, repair and installation of exhaust gas insulation (Motogenerator systems, propulsion engines, steam ovens, etc.)
• Installation of thermal insulation for low and high temperatures.
• Mechanical protection installation.

Shaft Alignment Services

• Motor- Gearbox
• Axle line
• Outrigger
• Tube horns
• Cardan shaft
• Shaft alignment
• Centrifugal pumps
• Planitude for structural basis for equipment.

Assembly, Maintenance and Repair of propulsion and control systems.

• Assembly, Maintenance and Repair of Propulsion Systems.
• Vibration Analysis

Ship & Marine Repairs

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