MST  specializes in air freight. We recover all the freight from the airport, transfer to our warehouse and/or then deliver to customer’s vessel on his ETA.


As one of the authorized ship providers in the Panama canal, we are pleased to provide to you our logistical services we have built A complete supply chain that can be used to deliver spare parts in transit for repairs and other types of dry or refrigerated cargo. With our specialized contacts in warehousing and transportation spaces, we can guarantee A higher standard at incredibly competitive prices.

Arriving from the port or airport, our services include:

Sea freight

Need to move a container from any part of the world and deliver it to your vessel in panama. MST Logistic support can handle until your next vessel eta doesn’t matter if it dry or frozen.

Warehouse service

MST warehouse is located in a strategic position in the near ports and airports counting with (tamaño total de la bodega en c807) and Our cold supply chain have the capacity to storage frozen and refrigerated cargo.

Small Package Delivery

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Maritime Stores Suppliers a Ship Chandler company based in Panama City serving all Panama Canal traffic. Contact us and we will be in touch shortly.