As a company of marine service, we uphold ourselves as one of the main providers of quality provisions and give the must of attention to the presentation and freshness of the dispatched items. We don’t only wish to be known as providers; our goal has always been to be the one Ship Suppliers that comes with excellent quality in the mouth of our clients.

Frozen meats

Nutrients, fat and protein are the prime values in the meats that consumes the crew, for each effort is costs energy from everyone.
We always ensure that the meat is of the best quality, on the best presentations and on the best temperature to conservation of freshness and nutrient value for the crew enjoyment and nutritional benefit on the voyage.
Our lists include various references and presentation of poultry, various cuts of beef as well as a variety of fish cuts and other seafood references.
The body needs a complete diet to endure the hardship of the vessels voyage and the pressure of the environments. Hence our meats section is meant to be consumed with gusto.

Dairies and Juices

The lactose-based products are a necessity due to the calcium, not only is a great companion of many dishes during meals and especially on breakfast, alongside coffee and cereal.
We extended our reference umbrella with a variety of cheeses, milk, cream, butter among others to ensure a good experience with the meals and snacks of your choosing.
From a variety of assorted fruits, we offer a great deal in natural juices for your crew and vessel dispense.
They are a great option to accompany the breakfast or a cold refreshment for the hot temperatures and heat waves from the sun.

Canned and Dry products

Preservation is one of the most valuable aspects to find in a long-life product. Many times, you need a dispense ready and full of enough food for a crew that needs to feed themselves in a regular basis.
Also, to ensure that the main provisions last longer some alternatives to meats the fresh vegetables become a necessity on long travels. Therefore, we place in our price lists the most requested references from the top brands of quality for your perusal.
Flour, Jam, rice among others can be found in our price lists as well to complete the meals and dishes from the kitchen.

Vegetables and Fruits

“From the farm to the table”, is the best description for our variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that we are always ready to provide to your vessel.
Products of the best quality, our team place most of its efforts in guarantee the freshness of the food above all else in the moment of dispatch to your vessel.
So, you can be sure that our products will arrive in the best form and presentations.
The variety, the price and the quality of dispatch give us a special edge in the market only for your satisfaction.

Fresh Products

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