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About Us


In 1914 the Panama Canal started operation Letting the ship cross through the pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean and vice versa and their motto “The land divided, the world united” Without the Panama Canal, ships would have to sail all the way around South America. The structure’s existence allows naval ships to more rapidly get from one ocean to another in the event that they are needed. The ability to use the canal provides security among the nations that’s why is one of the most important megastructures in Latin America.

But what about those ship necessities: provision, bonded, safety, deck supplies, medicines.

Logistic support and any other type products that the Sailors and ship may need during their sails. We do know that’s is important for them to get these type of products for their maintenance that why here at Maritime Store Suppliers we make sure that our client’s ships have all the necessary items to continue their journey putting a lot of effort every day for each one of them gaining their trust and accountability providing solutions with promptness and efficiency with a high sense of urgency.

We are not just a ship chandler we are experts and we are here to serve with all your necessities with our extended services and portfolio during the cruise through the Panama Canal.

We are maritime stores suppliers.