As we mention in our previous post, a ship chandler or ship supplier is in charge of supply the ship with all the necessary items that are being requested. But, have you ever wondered how a ship chandler works?

Ship supply

Not all companies are the same. However, in this industry, supplying the ship has a generic process like the quotation of the products, requested services, consolidate the order, and coordinate the dispatch date.

As a Shipchandler, Maritime Stores Suppliers has our dedicated sales team. Being in charge of providing customer service interactions with the highest standards.

Our Purchase Department is in charge of assuring that the products that we offer come with the highest quality at competitive prices.

ship chandler

Our operations teams consolidate the order, manages the warehouse inventory, and take care of the dispatch of the requested orders.

We count with the account payable department in charge of keeping up with the operation invoices generated by the company

To supply the ships, the priority is to keep all the functions within the company aligned so that the processes flow optimally and without delays.